Payroll Solutions for Your Business

Paying your employees can often zap your time and result in costly fees. We can help.

Payroll & HR Administration

Paying your employees can be a big expense — and not just in terms of salaries and benefits. The time spent on seemingly endless administrative tasks can really eat away at your productivity and profits.

But we can help. Through our trusted partner, Deluxe Payroll, you can choose a payroll solution that can save you time and money.
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With Deluxe Payroll solutions, you can enjoy:

• Fixed pricing for the first two years
• Average client savings of 25-30%
• Fast-response customer service team
• 24/7 online access via MyPayCenter
• Guaranteed compliance for peace of mind
• Payroll processing in as few as three clicks
• Payroll checks, cards and direct deposits
• Tax deposits and filing
• W-2s and 1099s
• Leave pay reporting/tracking
• 401k administration
• Instant, customizable reports
• Employee self-service
• CPA/bookkeeper access
• Multiple layers of security