Trust & Estate Planning

You've worked hard to accumulate your wealth…so protect it…preserve it. And make sure it winds up where you've always envisioned. Whether it's in the hands of your family, a favorite charity or simply those you cared about most, we're here to help.

Want to learn more? Simply visit our Estate Planning or Charitable Planning sections or contact one of our Trust Professionals to get personalized answers that meet your specific needs.

Estate Planning

Hawthorn Bank Trust Services can help you build, manage and protect your wealth by helping establish a coordinated estate plan. Our approach to estate planning involves working with your accountant and attorney in the planning and drafting of documents to meet your individual needs.

We have personnel with legal, financial planning and investment backgrounds that will help guide you through the process, including a review of draft documents prepared by your attorney. In addition, we would be happy to review and discuss your existing estate plan to ensure it meets your needs.

To get started with your estate planning process or to simply learn more, contact one of our Trust Professionals today.

Estate Tax Planning Calculator
Knowing your potential estate tax liability is a great place to start your estate tax plan. Use this calculator to estimate your estate tax liability.

Charitable Planning

At Hawthorn Bank, we love to work with people who generously support their community and their favorite charities. That's why we'll make sure that you, as a donor, will get the most from your hard-earned, well-spent assets, while making sure the recipient organizations of your choice spend your gifts the way you intend. Here are some examples of trusts we've administered in the past:

Charitable Remainder Trust

A trust in which Grantor (the person who creates it) or any other person, can receive the income throughout the grantor' lifetime, and which the principal is then paid to one or more charities. These trusts can help people with appreciated assets (especially low income producing assets) avoid capital gains taxes, increase their income, and complete their charitable goals.

Charitable Lead Trust

A trust in which a charity receives the income for fixed term years, and the remainder or principal is then paid to a family member (or any other person or entity).

Tax-Efficient Gifts Of Appreciated Assets

Many generous people fail to either retain or donate as much as they could. By giving highly appreciated assets instead of cash, donors are able to retain their liquid assets, and transfer unusable appreciated assets without paying capital gains tax.

Estate Gift Management Trusts

Many people ask us to help administer trusts that pay out their estates to charities at their passing.

Perpetual Charitable Trusts

Many people appreciate knowing that their favorite charities will have a regular stream of income for many years to complete the mission that is so important to them. And many appreciate knowing that financial professionals will be investing their donation to maximize their gift's value.

We have helped our customers create and provide perpetual funding for:

  • Scholarships for local college-bound students
  • Parks to be named for the donor
  • Community funds perpetually directed to specific causes important to the donor.

To get started with your charitable planning process or to simply learn more, contact one of our Trust Professionals today.

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