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When you start your own business, there is a seemingly endless to-do list. Hawthorn Bank and our partner, Deluxe MyCorporation, offer business registration services to get your business started.

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  Starting a New Business

To start your own business, you must first have certain business filings in order to open a business account. We can help you obtain your business filing and open your account.

Obtain an EIN Tax ID

An Employer Identification Number (EIN), or Federal Tax ID, is a unique number assigned to your business by the Internal Revenue Service that is used to identify a business entity, allowing you to file business income tax returns.

Benefits of filing an EIN:

  • Allows you to be able to open a business banking account
  • The IRS requires that every business have an EIN before hiring employees
  • Filing an EIN allows your business to build its credit profile

Learn more or start your EIN application.

Incorporate as an LLC or Corporation

Forming as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) or corporation limits your legal and financial responsibility as a business owner for the activities and debts of the business. It allows you to create a separation of your business assets and personal assets.

Benefits of incorporating:

  • Protection of your personal assets
  • Save money on taxes
  • Build credibility for your business

Learn more or get started.

Get Your Doing Business As (DBA) Name

A DBA name is an official registration of your business name. A sole proprietor can operate under a name other than their legal name, which can have many benefits including added credibility and professionalism, as well as level of separation or anonymity. Filing a DBA also means a sole proprietor can open up a separate bank account under the business name (requirements vary), allowing your customers to make payments to the business itself, instead of to you personally.

Benefits of filing a DBA:

  • Accept payments and open bank accounts as your business
  • Gain credibility and legitimacy as a business
  • Separate your lines of business

Learn more or file for a DBA now.

Create an Operating Agreement

An Operating Agreement is an agreement among LLC members about its business and the rights and duties of its members. No matter what method you choose to form your business, an operating agreement is an important asset and the foundation of any LLC.

Benefits of having an operating agreement:

  • Clearly outline the details of your business
  • Defines roles and responsibilities of the members of the business
  • Helps protect your personal assets

Building Your Team

Payroll & HR Administration

Payroll and HR administration can be a big expense — and not just in terms of salaries and benefits. The time spent on seemingly endless administrative tasks can really eat away at your productivity and profits.

But switching to our trusted partner, Deluxe Payroll, can save you time and money. See how:

• Fixed pricing for the first two years
• Average client savings of 25-30%
• Fast-response customer service team
• 24/7 online access via MyPayCenter
• Guaranteed compliance for peace of mind
• Payroll processing in as few as three clicks
• Payroll checks, cards and direct deposits
• Tax deposits and filing
• W-2s and 1099s
• Leave pay reporting/tracking
• 401k administration
• Instant, customizable reports
• Employee self-service
• CPA/bookkeeper access
• Multiple layers of security

Growing Your Operation

Through our partner Deluxe, we offer many programs and services to help support new and growing businesses.

Call us to see if we have a solution that fits your unique needs.

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