Savings, CDs & Money Market

Put your business funds to work

Let us help you integrate one or more of these accounts into your overall cash management system to save time and make effective use of available funds.

Business Money Market

Earn interest with FDIC insured safety and still have convenient access to your funds.

Business Savings Account

Earn interest on your business funds, while keeping it within easy reach.

To start a conversation with one of our business bankers, find our nearest location.


Our Certificate of Deposit (CD) terms range from three months to five years, all with competitive rates, guaranteed performance and FDIC insured safety up to $250,000. For deposits of more than $250,000, check out our CDARS program. 

Please call the bank for today's competitive rates.

Use these calculators to see how your savings will increase.

Certificate of Deposit Calculator
Determine how much interest you can earn on a CD.

CD Ladder Calculator
Could you benefit from investing business funds in a series of CDs with different maturities?


More safety for deposits over $250,000

Through the CDARS program, enjoy the safety of FDIC insurance even on deposits of more than $250,000, while you earn competitive CD interest with a trusted local source. Contact us today about CDARS.

To start a conversation with one of our business bankers, find our nearest location.

1 Rates may change at any time. Fees may reduce earnings.
2 In order to avoid a $3.00 paper statement fee, you must enroll in online banking, opt in for eStatements and maintain an active online banking enrollment. An active online banking enrollment is maintained by logging into your online or mobile banking account at least once every 120 days. If requirements are not met, you will automatically receive paper statements and your account will be charged $3.00 per month.
* Additional fees may apply.