Economic Impact Payments

We know getting your stimulus check is very important to you. Get notified when your direct deposit arrives, or see our stimulus check FAQ below.
Updated March 16, 2021:
Please note that Economic Impact Payments made by direct deposit may be available as early as Wednesday, March 17, according to the Missouri Bankers Association, and will continue over the next several weeks.
Economic Impact Payments made by check will begin to be printed and mailed March 19.
For questions about your eligibility, payment amounts, and when to expect your stimulus payment, visit the IRS's Get My Payment tool, which tracks your payment and will provide an updated payment status.

Get notified when your stimulus check is deposited into your bank account. Below is a quick guide to setting up deposit alerts within Online Banking:
1. Log in to Online Banking.
2. From the Dashboard, select the account on which you'd like to add alerts.
3. Select Alert Preferences.
4. Under the Transaction Alerts header, choose "+ Add Alert."
5. Now you can add an alert to notify you when you have an incoming debit or credit over a specific dollar amount. You can choose to receive the alerts via email and within the app. Select "Add Alert" to enable your alert.
Have additional questions? View the IRS's Coronavirus Information Center.