Money Market, CD & Savings Accounts

We offer a wide variety of savings options, including basic savings accounts, accounts for children, money market accounts and CDs, along with IRAs and Health Savings Accounts.

They all offer competitive rates and the security of FDIC insurance. Give us a call to learn more today.

Savings Accounts

Our savings accounts offer the safety, performance and flexibility to fit all your long-term goals!

Basic Savings Account—earn interest on the money you set aside, plus it's easy to get your money when you need it:

  • $100 minimum balance to avoid $2 monthly fee
  • Free ATM use at any Hawthorn ATM or any of the hundreds of ULTRA ATMs
  • Free Online Banking and Bill Paying

Youth Savings Account—an easy way to help kids (up to 22) save for the future.

Holiday Season Savings Account—a great way to save for very special holiday, without adding credit card debt

Money Market

With the Hawthorn Money Market account, you can earn higher interest with FDIC insured safety and still have convenient access to your money.

  • Write up to 6 checks per month
  • Free ATM use at any Hawthorn ATM or any of the hundreds of ULTRA ATMs
  • Free Online Banking and Bill Payment


We offer Certificates of Deposit (CDs) with terms that range from three months all the way to five years. Each offers:

  • Competitive rates
  • Guaranteed performance
  • FDIC insured safety up to $250,000 (for deposits that exceed this amount, check out our CDARs program)

CD Ladder Calculator
Could you benefit from investing in a series of CDs with different maturities?

Certificate of Deposit Calculator
Determine how much interest you can earn on a CD.

Call us today for current rates.

Early withdrawal penalty may be assessed.

Please consult your tax and/or insurance provider.

CDARS® – A service for large deposit investors

With this program large deposits can be placed by Hawthorn Bank into smaller denomination CDs at multiple institutions. This service can offer you significant benefits:

  • Safety of FDIC insurance for large deposits
  • CD interest
  • Management convenience
  • Security of working with a trusted, local source
To get started, please call or stop by.